Last Updated on October 5, 2021

What is Zorbing

Zorbing is the newest adrenalin-packed experience taking the world by storm. Founded in New Zealand, zorbing has quickly become a worldwide sensation that sees participants jump inside an inflated ball and surge down the mountain.

Zorbing is akin to a hamster on a wheel, where you run and the zorb rotates and moves.

Zorbing comes in two forms, harnessed and hydro. The latter being a zorb filled with water to mitigate the need for straps. Other types of zorbing have come into play over the years, but these are the two most common.

Zorbing tracks come in all shapes and sizes, which allow every experience to be unique. If you’re ready to give it a crack, here are the eight best places to try zorbing in Europe.

Where to Try Zorbing in Europe

1. Go Zorbing, London UK

Just over a half-hour drive from downtown London, Go Zorbing is one of the best places to ‘go zorbing’ in Europe.

To begin, you will have a few choices for zorbing in the park. The first option is a 3.6m pod which is a harnessed zorb, a hydro zorb which is filled with over 60 liters of water, along with the exciting newcomer to the scene, a Pitch Black hydro zorb.

The choice is yours, with each offering a slightly novel experience down the rolling hills.

From the peak of your run, not only will you be able to see London (except within the pitch-black zorb), but also the vast forests, valleys, and distant beaches.

It’s all part of what makes zorbing here so popular.

2. Zorbinganlange, Germany

In Germany’s Neustadt, Zorbinganlange is the country’s answer to the growing popularity of zorbing. Interestingly, the experience is located near Germany’s World Cup Ski Ramp. You can reach the site via car or public transport.

Similar to Go Zorbing, Zorbinganlange comes with both hydro and harnessed rides.

Each zorb can carry either one or two people, providing the chance for two to scream their way down the hill.

The experience may only last a quick 60 seconds, but it’s sure to motivate you to try a second (or even third) run.

Zorbing isn’t the only fun thing to do here, with Zorbinganlange providing swimming and water sports in the summer and skiing in the winter.

3. Hydromania, Slovenia

At Hydromania, it’s all about getting the adrenalin pumping. At one of the most scenic zorbing locations in Europe, Hydromania has to be on your bucket list.

Surrounded by the glacial mountains around Lake Bled, jump inside your 3m zorb and take the role of a zorbonaut.

Take a journey back in time, when you were rolling down your local hill as a kid. Except for this time, there’ll be no scrapes and bruises.

Roll by yourself or with a buddy as you attempt to attain perfect balance and head straight down the path.

After zorbing, Hydromania has a thorough list of activities to try. Including white water rafting, kayaking, and canyoning on the Soca River.

4. Spheremania, Heaton UK

Spheremania is one of the most renowned zorbing companies in the UK.

Now placed in Heaton, Spheremania is a great option if you are visiting or based in the north of England and are looking to experience zorbing.

The best aspect of zorbing here is that you aren’t restricted to one or two participants. Up to three zorbers can hurl themselves down the course at the same time.

Along the way, you may clock speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour!

The adrenalin rush is sure to be something special, but the fun doesn’t end there.

Spheremania also provides Zorb Football, axe throwing, and Segways.

Perhaps the most popular activity at Spheremania (aside from zorbing) is Sky Bow.

Here you can experience archery with a twist. Instead of a stationary target having a moving target that will test your skills and coordination.

5. Zorbcenter, Sweden

In an expansive park in rural Sweden, Zorbcenter has it all.

Offering the entire package, including accommodation in cozy cottages, group activities, ziplines, boating, and winter fun, it’s easy to see why Zorbcenter is one of the best places to go zorbing in Europe.

But back to the main event. Zorbing is, of course, the focus in the park.

The exhilarating experience comes to life as you zoom down the 150m hill.

Facing opposite your partner, friend, or family member, it promises to be a memorable experience. Zorbcenter also offers the unharnessed hydro-zorb adventure.

When you’re done zorbing, try something similar with bumperballs.

Bumperballs is a sport where zorbing meets bumper cars.

Later, try your hand at off-road quad biking or sit back on the creek and enjoy some fishing.

6. Riga Zorbing, Latvia

The most famous place for zorbing in Latvia easily belongs on our list. In a beautiful location, Riga Zorbing provides guests with unbeatable scenery for zorbing. The site boasts a towering ramp with measures to 140m in length.

At Riga Zorbing you can take part in harnessed zorbing and hydro-zorbing on the warmer days. It’s the ultimate family activity, with kids and teenagers able to join the older folk in enjoying the action-packed ride.

Riga Zorbing also presents a unique twist on the sport with bumperballs but in a 6m square pool. If that’s not enough to get you excited, then try shock football, axe throwing, and the huge trampoline.

7. Mad-Renaline Activity Centre, Manchester South UK

An adventure park with everything under one roof, Mad-Renaline is not only one of the best places to go Zorbing in Europe, but it’s the perfect place for family fun or corporate team building.

Hurl yourself down a massive hill on your own or with a partner. You’ll also have the chance to go body zorbing or aqua zorbing!

Once you’ve had your fix, then you can turn your attention to a whole host of other fun-packed activities.

Gather your mates for a round of zorb football, take part in:

  • a Segway safari
  • axe throwing
  • combat archery
  • and even archery golf!

With all this and more, Mad-Renaline is a popular place for stag and hens parties, or simply a spot to enjoy a fun-filled day with mates.

8. Golf Sant Antoni Mas, Spain

If you’re in Spain and itching to experience zorbing under the Mediterranean sun, then look no further than a golf course found in Barcelona.

At Golf Sant Antoni Mas, not only can you rush down the hill in an inflated ball, but you’ll experience one of the most picturesque golf courses in Europe.

Have views towards the Prades Mountains with the historic town of Tarragona just 25 minutes away.

Post zorbing, enjoy a round on the quality course, or take part in the hilarious bubble sumo. Try to tackle your opponent with a mini zorb wrapped around your torso.