Last Updated on July 1, 2023

As a fellow sports enthusiast, I hope you find this bucket list useful.

The idea here is to give you some great ideas for sporting events, attractions, and opportunities to try sports worldwide.

I hope you will take up the challenge to get involved with this sports challenge! 😊

Sports travel bucket list

Table of Contents


Here I’ve listed 75 sports travel bucket list ideas and I appreciate that some of these ideas will be more practical than others as they cover places worldwide. I recommend you set yourself a target, achieve 50.

There is also space for you to add your own ideas in.

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Sports Events (Ideas 1 – 28)

1. Attend a Professional or College American Football Game in USA

Go to a college football game

Whilst the NFL is massive as a sport in the U.S., if you really want to experience the atmosphere and some of the best Tailgate parties, college football games are also incredibly popular.

2. Go to a Formula One Grand Prix Live at a Circuit

There is nothing like being at a circuit to appreciate the sheer power and speed of the cars. I recommend to try and choose one of the following three races for an amazing experience:

  • Singapore F1 (night circuit and a truly unique experience in a fantastic city)
  • Monaco F1 Grand Prix (one of the classics and another great location to visit)
  • British F1 at the Silverstone circuit (one of the traditional circuits with a great history)

3. Watch an English Premiership Football (Soccer) Game in Person

Choose a Premiership game such as a Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United, or City game.

In London, there are more than six Premiership teams so the capital can be your best bet.

4. Attend a race at the Dubai Cup Horse Racing

The Dubai Cup is one of the most important horse race meets worldwide and is a wonderful experience as a sports fanatic.

5. Attend an International Rugby Game

Whether you choose a Rugby World Cup game, a 6-Nations match, or an international friendly such as between Australia vs New Zealand, watch one international.

6. Attend a Professional Ice-Hockey Game

Attempt to watch a professional ice hockey game, especially in either Canada, the USA, Sweden, Finland, or Russia.

Ice hockey is especially popular in the 5 countries above.

7.Attend the Grand National at Aintree, England

The Grand National is one of the biggest horse races in the world and takes place every year (normally in the first week of April).

You might want to try and combine being at the course in Aintree, Liverpool, with a trip to Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club.

8. Watch a Camel Race in Person

Camel racing is popular in a number of countries, particularly in the Middle East. The Dubai Camel Race Club is a great option.

The Boulia desert Sands Camel Race in Australia is also a great option.

9. Spectator at the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race

With over 160 years of history, having first been run in 1856, the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race is free to watch from the banks of the River Thames in London.

Taking place normally at the start of April annually, you can easily combine this with a trip to do the Wembley Stadium Tour (home of the England football team).

10. Watch the Tour de France as a Spectator

Another free event you can see and tick off the sports bucket list is to attend the Tour de France as a spectator.

The annual cycling race takes place over several hundred miles, so you can choose where to catch the race, during the 21 days that it runs. You might want to choose the finale in central Paris by the Champs Elysees.

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11. Attend a Wimbledon Tennis Match

Wimbledon tennis tournament is one of the grand slam events and started in the 1870s.

Wimbledon is in South West London and you can easily get to the tennis courts (and museum) from any part of London via the London Underground.

12. Attend an International Cricket Match

I recommend trying to get tickets for one of the classic matchups or tournaments from:

13. Watch an Aussie Rules Game in Australia

In Australia, Aussie Rules is an extremely popular sport and it’s often a dramatic and exciting game to watch.

It’s a great insight into the Aussie sporting culture and the competitiveness of the Aussies.

14. Attend an Olympics Event as a Spectator

It is not as hard as you might think to achieve this task of attending an Olympic event.

There are so many events and tens of thousands of tickets so you may have a very good chance to find tickets for one event if you wish to, just as I did for an Olympic soccer game during the 2012 London Olympics.

15. Watch Muay Thai Boxing Live in Thailand

Not only is Thailand a fascinating country to travel to, but it also means the chance to see and experience Thai Boxing.

You can often get tickets from the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.

16. Attend One of the Golf Majors

There are four Golf majors you can choose from and these are the:

  • British Open
  • The Masters
  • U.S. Open
  • PGA Championships

17. Watch a Live NBA Basketball Game

It is not always easy to get a ticket for an NBA game in the States, but then again no one said this bucket list would be a walk in the park.

If you are able to get an LA Lakers ticket, then you can also experience the Staples Center.

18. Attend a Grand Sumo Event in Tokyo, Japan

Sumo is incredibly popular in Japan and it’s really quite an experience to attend a sumo bout if you have never done so before.

Here’s how to get sumo tickets for a Tokyo sumo bout.

19. Go to a Winter Olympics Event

There are numerous events to choose from at each Winter Olympics and it is usually possible to get tickets to something.

I have my eye on the 2026 Winter Olympics that will take place in Milan, Italy.

20. Attend a Match at the Australian Open Tennis

The Aussie Open tennis tournament takes place each year at the end of January and takes place in Melbourne.

You could combine this with attending a cricket game at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

21. Attend a Sports Event at Madison Square Gardens in NYC

Madison Square Garden is one of the great indoor sporting arenas and is home to the NY Knicks and New York Rangers (the ice hockey team)

Tickets to see the basketball can be difficult sometimes to get but you might well find tickets for the Rangers and ice hockey can be a great spectator sport to experience at this level.

22. Be in the Audience at the PDC World Darts Championships

It’s a party atmosphere as well as a wonderful sporting experience and a great event to be at.

23. Attend a German Bundesliga Football Match

Which German side you choose to watch is your choice but I can certainly recommend watching Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena if you get the chance.

I also recommend, having recently ticked this off my own bucket list, to do the tour of the Allianz Arena.

24. Watch the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii

If you needed an excuse to visit Hawaii then here it is.

The Ironman World Championships take place annually in Kona, Hawaii, usually in October.

25. Attend one of the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey Finals or Play-Offs Matches

This task might take a little bit of work because it’s not always easy getting tickets but there are ways.

If you cannot get tickets for one of the finals games, then one of the Stanley Cup playoff games still qualifies on this bucket list.

26 – 28. Your Own Choice

I am not being lazy, in case you were thinking it, regards options 26 – 28.

We all have our favorite sports teams and preferences and you might want to include visiting or experiencing seeing a certain team or event close to where you live.

So for 26, 27, and 28, you will choose 3 events that you specifically wish to include.

Participant Sports (29 – 56)

29. Try Cross-Country Skiing (in Finland)

Trying downhill skiing or snowboarding is something you might have already tried but how about cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing can be a great way to keep fit, to see the scenic white countryside and I love it and you might too.

Finland, Sweden, the USA, and Canada are a few countries from which you can experience this form of skiing.

30. Run a Half-Marathon (or a Full Marathon)

Running a full 26-mile marathon is not practical for all of us but certainly running (or walking) a half marathon is within your means.

The Hapalua is Hawaii’s half-marathon and it is the one that I recommend trying.

31. Take an Archery Class or Try Archery

Archery is something different and fun to try and it will help you expand your sporting experiences.

You will quite likely find a local club or you can try archery as you travel. Alternatively, you can find an events company that offers a 90-minute archery masterclass such as this one.

32. Try Paddleboarding

Time to try what is a relatively new water sport but one that anyone can try and that can be great fun.

Paddleboarding is offered in locations worldwide and it’s one I think you will enjoy.

33. Do a Round of Golf on a 18 Hole Course

A relatively easy task in that it can be done either as you travel or near your home town.

If need be, find a local driving range and practice first, to avoid making a fool out of yourself on the 18-hole course.

34. Do a Sky Dive

You are never too old to try a skydive and it is one of the most exhilarating things you are ever likely to try, sports-wise.

35. Go Snowmobiling One Time

Snowmobiling can be great fun and there are plenty of options in terms of locations where you can try this.

I highly recommend Finland if you can make it there.

36. Go on an Organised Walking Holiday (Consider the Scottish Highlands)

I recommend going on an organized walking holiday of the Scottish Highlands.

Expect some amazing views but also dress warmly. Wilderness Scotland is worth checking.

37. Do a Bungee Jump

I will say it again. You are never too old to try anything so whatever your age, doing a bungee jump makes this bucket list.

If you are looking for an idea of where to do a bungee jump, I recommend Nevis Highwire in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

38. Go Snowboarding in the Alps (or Location of Your Choice)

You might want to do this on the same trip that you do for cross-country skiing.

To pass this task you can take a snowboarding lesson in a ski resort if you are new to this sport.

39. Try Kitesurfing in Fuerteventura, Spain

Kitesurfing comes under the umbrella of adventure sports and this list is not necessarily meant to be easy!

From experience, it is quite a tough and challenging activity and demands a lot of upper body strength. Take a lesson though and I recommend Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, Spain.

40. Go Deep Sea Fishing

There are plenty of coastal locations where you can pay to go out on a boat to try deep-sea fishing.

Even if you are not a fishing fanatic per se, do this activity in the right place and it becomes as much about dolphin watching as it is also fishing. Orange Beach is one such option.

41. Experience the Cresta Run on a Luge

Ever fancied trying out a toboggan and going down the Cresta Run in St Moritz, Switzerland.

As a beginner, you can ride the Cresta Run and this is another of those tasks that you must try. Learn more here.

42. Go Scuba Diving in Thailand

Scuba diving in Thailand

You might well have already achieved this task and, if not, then you probably need little persuasion.

The Andaman Sea is an especially beautiful area ideally suited to scuba diving. There are numerous locations though, including the Thai islands, to choose from.

43. Try Glacier Cycling in France

You might have even heard of ‘Glacier Cycling’ before but you have now and it is now on your sports bucket list!

To experience this activity you will need to visit France and go to the Megavalanche.

44. Go Running or Hiking in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy

The Dolomites are a stunningly beautiful area with great views in North-Western Italy.

The mountains are a brilliant place for walking and hiking and this makes for a great bucket list challenge and sports travel experience.

45. Join an Organised Mountain Bike Tour in Crete

Mountain biking in Crete, Greece

The stunning island of Crete in Greece is home to another of our challenges for you.

A company such as ‘The Hub‘ are great for their organized biking tours and you can choose a level that suits your physical ability.

46. Watch a Boxing Match in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become a place popular for boxing promoters, with title and other non-title fights now taking place in the likes of Mandalay Bay, and the MGM Grand.

If money is an issue, then one of the non-title fights will be your best bet. More on fights in Vegas here.

47. Try Dog Sledding in Lapland

Dog sledding

A bucket list is about new and amazing experiences and one of my favourites things on this list that I have myself already done and that you will probably love too, is dog sledding.

Head to Lapland and you can quite easily try dog sledding (and why not see the Northern Lights whilst there).

48. Experience Kite Buggying

Trying kite buggying in USA

A little like dog sledding, kits buggying is one of those sporting activities that few people get to try, and yet they are enormous fun.

There are numerous coastal, beach, and desert locations where you can try kite buggying. The U.S. and Australia are especially good countries to try this.

49. Have Your First Zorbing Experience


You are not alone if the word zorbing is new to your vocabulary.

Zorbing is a quite a new sport (sport when done competitively) that involves rolling down an incline or hill, whilst in a clear plastic ball.

You can learn about Zorbing in London here.

50. Experience Axe Throwing

Axe throwing involves throwing axes at a round target, quite similar to archery but you are throwing an axe.

There are numerous locations to try this although I tried it at the Wilderness Festival in the UK. Google ‘Axe throwing activity near me’ and you should find a choice of venues.

51. Play a Game of Ten-Pin Bowling

Chances are that you can already tick this off the sporting bucket list as you might well have already been to a bowling alley and played a game of ten-pin bowling at least once before.

If not, then here is a relatively easy task to complete on this bucket list.

52. Have a Go at Clay Pigeon Shooting

You might have seen clay pigeon shooting in the Olympics. This sporting activity involves using a rifle to try and hit clay targets that are thrown by a machine into the air.

This sport is especially popular in the UK and there are plenty of venues where you can try this sporting activity.

You can check the Bigshoot site for locations.

53. Cycle One Stage of the Tour de France Route

A slightly more challenging task on this bucket list, but one that means you can take in some stunning countryside and that can be very rewarding, is to cycle one route of the twenty-one Tour de France stage routes (in your own time of course).

There is an excellent website, Rideloop, that details the stages, hotels, routes, and everything you need to achieve this task.

54 – 56 Your Own Choice

For bucket list items 54, 55, and 56 Choose 3 sporting activities of your own choice that are not already listed above.

Sports Nostalgia (Ideas 57 – 75)

57. Visit the Nou Camp Stadium in Barcelona, Spain

The first task on the sports nostalgia bucket list ideas is to visit the Nou Camp Stadium and Museum in Barcelona.

As one of the most famous sports stadiums worldwide and most well-known football clubs, the task is to do the stadium tour.

58. Visit the Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Olympics Museum is located in Switzerland.

You might want to do this along with another task in Switzerland, such as trying cross-country skiing.

59. Attend a Baseball game & visit the Red Sox Hall of Fame at Fenway Park

One of the most famous baseball teams worldwide is the Boston Red Sox and they play at Fenway Park, Boston, USA.

In this task, you must watch a live Red Sox game in Fenway Park and also visit the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

60. Visit the National Football (Soccer) Museum

Located in Manchester, England, the National Football is arguably one of the best museums in the world dedicated to football (soccer if you are American).

Your task is to visit the National Football Museum and you can find more info here.

61. Visit the Maracanã Stadium in Brazil

Another world-famous stadium that makes this bucket list is the Maracanã Stadium in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, which is home to Flamengo Football Club.

You can do the stadium tour and the stadium, museum and often includes a Tour of Gávea.

62. Visit and Do the Melbourne Cricket Club Tour

Cricket is a massive sport in Australia and the MCC is well-known globally as one of the best grounds worldwide.

You might want to combine doing the MCC tour with being in Melbourne also for the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix, which takes place annually.

63. Tour Beijing ‘Crow’s Nest’ National Stadium

Popularly known as the Crow’s Nest because of its design, Beijing’s National Stadium is an incredible piece of architecture and well worth visiting.

The stadium is still used for sporting events so you might want to try and catch a football game or other event there, in addition to doing the stadium tour.

64. Tour the Singapore Sports Museum

Located in the National Stadium, the Singapore Sports Museum (and the National Stadium) also make it onto this bucket list.

The stadium is extremely impressive in design and the museum provides a great insight into Singapore and sport.

65. Visit the Muhammed Ali Center

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the States, this is a museum and cultural center dedicated to the famous boxer, Muhammed Ali.

Kentucky is also a great U.S. State for watching college sports including for seeing the Kentucky Wildcats college basketball and American Football teams.

66. Tour the Museum of Sport and Tourism in Warsaw

On your tour of Europe, the ‘Museum of Sport and Tourism‘ in Warsaw, Poland, is another sports location to tick of this checklist.

67. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada, is one of the best museums worldwide, dedicated to hockey (also known as ice hockey in some countries).

You might also use your visit to Toronto to see the Blue Jays baseball team or to see the Maple Leafs hockey team.

68. Visit the FIFA Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland, as you will see from this list, is home to a few of the world’s best sporting museums.

The beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland, is where the Federation of World Football (soccer) is located and hence the FIFA museum can also be found here.

69. Watch a Match at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City

In Central and South America, one of the stadiums you have to experience doing the stadium tour of and if you can, seeing a match in, is the impressive ‘Estadio Azteca‘.

Home to the Mexican national football team, and Club America (the league team), this 88,000 capacity stadium, is located over 2000 meters above sea level.

70. Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is another iconic sports destination that makes this bucket list.

Located in In Canton, Ohio, this is the best American Football museum in the States.

71. Do the Wales Millennium Stadium Tour

There are very few major sports stadiums in the world that are situated right in the dead-center of a city center.

In Cardiff, Wales, though, you can find the Wales Millenium Stadium, just a few hundred meters from the central train station.

The stadium is home to the Welsh rugby team and hosts international speedway and boxing matches.

72. Visit Silverstone Interactive Museum of Motor Racing, England

Silverstone is one of the world’s leading motorsports museums and home to the race circuit sometimes used for F1 races.

73. Visit the International Boxing Hall of Fame, in Canastota, NY

Another must-visit sports nostalgia location for you as a sports enthusiast is the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Located in Canastota, in New York State, you can follow the history of boxing and see many great moments from the world’s best fighters.

74. Do the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Tour in New Orleans

Another one of the stadiums you must tour and visit is the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home to the New Orlean Saints.

Even better, try and get tickets for a Saints game and also do the stadium tour the day before or afterward.

75. Visit the Australian National Surfing Museum in Torquay, Australia

One of the best sporting museums in the world dedicated to surfing can be found in Torquay, Australia.

Located about 75km from the center of Melbourne, you can combine the National Surfing Museum with some of the other tasks in this list, such as visiting the MCC and see the Australian F1 Grand Prix.