Last Updated on May 14, 2023

If you love to try new outdoor adventures and are looking for new ideas to add to your bucket list, have you ever considered doing a toboggan run on a proper course?

7 Best Places in Europe to try Tobogganing

Whilst many of us might have grown up experiencing grabbing a very basic toboggan for going down small hills or across the backyard in the snow, there’s a way to take things to the next level. Why not visit one of the toboggan circuits in Europe and experience the real thing!

Experience big mountain thrill, epic views, and 180 degree turns alongside friends and family. It doesn’t get any better than that!

1. Wildkogel Sledding Arena, Austria

Home to the longest floodlit toboggan run in the world, Wildkogel Sledding Arena is a must-visit.

In Bramberg, Austria, at over two kilometers above sea level, this nighttime experience caps off what is a spectacular ski resort experience.

There are a total of ten toboggan runs in the arena that combine into one hair-raising 14-kilometer journey from start to finish.

Catch the Smaragbahn lift to the top of the run, taking every second to gather your courage and prepare for the epic ride.

Under the moonlight, with the towering light posts guiding the way, begin the run with the vast valley laid out before you.

The impressive views are matched by the speed of the experience as you descend 1300 vertical meters over the course of an adrenalin-pumping 30 minutes.

2. Courchevel, France

Considered by some as the Ski Capital of the World, Courchevel features two of the best tobogganing runs in Europe.

The luxurious ski resort is teeming with activities on and off-piste.

But if you want to experience the rush of adrenalin that comes with roaring down the slopes, then the mountain’s toboggan runs is really quite an experience to behold.

The first of them lies in the Courchevel 1850 village.

From the top of the Tovets run, begin your 2 km journey down the hill through an exciting course that includes a tunnel, hairpin turns, and unbelievable views.

The run is also lit at night, allowing you to ride to your heart’s content until 7.30 pm. This is when the Grangrettes telecabine closes.

Once you’ve tried the toboggan run on Courchevel 1850, head across to Courchevel 1650 for a newer and even more exciting journey.

From the top of the Ariondaz Gondola, race down a 3km course with a max gradient of 25%.

The highlight, however, is the four underground sections that end with soaring vistas of the French Alps.

3. Big Pintenfritz, Switzerland

Another great place in Europe to try tobogganing is Big Pintenfritz, the longest run in all the European continent.

Set in a stunning area scenically, enjoy the drive through the Swiss Alps to get to this venue in the heart of Switzerland.

To arrive at this toboggan run, head to Grindelwald, in the stunning Jungfrau region of Switzerland.

Then jump on the mass-transit-like cable car for 25 minutes.

From there, a 2-hour hike awaits to reach the top of Faulhorn. A trek that is worth doing in its own right.

From the mountain peak, you’ll have spectacular snowcapped views, including the north face of the Wetterhorn, and the imposing Mt. Eiger.

Before heading down, pay a visit to the historic mountain hotel, Fritz Bohren, which was built in 1830!

As you embark on the run, take a big breath as a 15km journey awaits. Push off and begin meandering your way down the mountain with the surrounding peaks growing ever larger.

Over time, Grindelwald becomes clearer. But since you’re in no rush to reach the charming town, take plenty of breaks along the way to admire your surroundings.

4. Alpine Coaster at Glacier 3000, Switzerland

No list of the best places in Europe to try tobogganing would be complete without mentioning Alpine Coaster and Glacier 3000.

The highest run on earth and arguably the most fun, the Alpine Coaster is part rollercoaster, part toboggan run.

The experience comes with 520-degree turns, 10 hairpin turns, and three jumps that make your heart rate soar with your adrenalin level spiking through the roof.

The high-flying adventure will have you experiencing intermittent flying sensations as you zoom over three jumps.

The good news, for those that want to take it slow, is that you’ll have access to break stations along the 1 km journey.

While you can’t stop, you’ll be able to turn your ride into one that is as relaxing a journey as you wish.

Combine the Alpine Rollercoaster with other adventures, such as the snow bus and scenic cable car ride with the ultimate Glacier 3000 experience.

5. Manigod, France

Near the renowned La Clusaz ski resort in the French Alps, the pleasant village of Manigod has a long history of tobogganing.

More than just an adventurous activity, the town’s children used single-blade sleds to make their way to school every day.

Today, you can join in the century-old tradition by jumping on your own “parets” from the La Veille Ferme hotel.

A cultural experience, as much as anything, you can embark on a hair-raising 1 km journey from the hotel to the village below.

Once you have the hang of riding a paret, take your experience up a notch by using a more modern version.

A yooner is much like a paret but offers shock absorbers to help you corner better.

After mastering the local art, make your way to the lower part of La Clusaz, which has a variety of runs dedicated to tobogganing at night.

6. Rottach-Egern, Germany

The biggest natural sled run in Germany can be found near the town of Rottach-Egern.

In the Bavarian region on Wallberg Mountain, you’ll find one of the best-designed runs in Europe, with over six kilometers of pristine snow, perfectly compacted for your enjoyment.

To get to the base of the run, make your way to the Wallberg Cable Car station in Rottach-Egern.

From there, relax and enjoy the ride to the top station on the mountain. If you have your own sled, you can make your way down the run for free, but you can also rent your own on the mountain.

Despite the picture-perfect groomed snow, the run-down Wallberg remains challenging and isn’t suitable for young children.

Over the 30-minute 6.5 kilometer journey, you’ll drop down a total elevation of 825 meters.

Do as many runs as you please and stop for lunch at Panorama Restaurant, which offers 270-degree views and a spacious sun terrace.

7. Bergun, Switzerland

For a toboggan experience with a difference, head to the small Swiss village of Bergun.

At the end of an enchanting valley, the town is home to the Albula mountain pass. When winter comes around and the powder falls in droves, the pass is closed to traffic.

Without the presence of cars and tour buses, nature reclaims this spectacular part of the world.

The road covered in meters of snow remains available for tobogganers to experience one of the coolest runs in Europe.

Beginning in Bergun, take an alpine train called the Rhatische Bahn from the local station to the top of the pass. Grab yourself a window seat to enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Listed scenery before arriving at Hotel Preda Kulm.

Warm the soul with some mulled wine and arm yourself with liquid courage as you embark on a memorable 6.5 kilometers run down the road and all the way back to Bergun.

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