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Love sport? You are in the right place! Here we list how to get tickets for the worlds top sporting events, how to experience travel yourself in different countries and where to visit the best sporting attractions worldwide.

Spectator Sports – Experience sport as a participant worldwide whether to play golf, go scuba-diving, play tennis, do a marathon, or any other sport, check out this section.

Sports Calendar

Sports Calendar

Here is your world sports calendar with the greatest sporting events listed for this and next year.

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Sporting Attractions Worldwide

Visit the best sporting museums, experiences, monuments and everything to do with sport worldwide.

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Participant Sports to Try Around the World

You may prefer to travel and try new sports rather than to visit sports museums and to go to sports events as a spectator.

Here you can find the best opportunities worldwide to try sports or to participate including marathons, adventure sports, and to try traditional local sports.