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Johan Cruyff Arena Stadium tours in Amsterdam Arena


Football (soccer if you are American) is the most popular sport in Europe and this also holds true for the city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is home to one of Holland’s top football clubs, Ajax Football Club, one of the most successful teams in Dutch footballing history.

Ajax are particularly famous around Europe because of their development of younger players, and what is named the ‘Ajax Youth Training Program’.

Ajax is also known for its female football team, which is one of the best-run female football clubs in the world.

1. About the Stadium

The stadium used to be known as ‘Amsterdam Arena’.

It was rebranded and renamed in 2018 to honor one if not the most famous players ever to play for Ajax, Johan Cruyff.

The stadium serves as the iconic home stadium for the renowned football club, AFC Ajax.

But this stadium is more than just a venue; it’s a shrine where football dreams come to life.

2. Photos from Our Visit

Ajax Football Club press room

I always get Valeria to sit in the press room area when we visit stadiums around the world and this is Valeria in the press room of Ajax Football Club.

Make sure to do the tour on non-matchdays, if you can, in order to have access to this room on the tour.

During the tour, you will be guided into the main pitch area and have a chance to sit in the main stadium seats and walk to the edge of the pitch.

Sitting in the Amsterdam Arena football seats

You are also given 5 minutes or so to sit in the stadium and enjoy a fan’s view of the pitch and inner stadium area. It’s a good photo opportunity.

VIP seats in the stadium

It was especially interesting to see and hear about the VIP seating area in the Johan Cruyff stadium.

Apart from extremely comfortable leather seats, as a VIP you can expect precision temperatures around your seat thanks to smart sensors.

The stadium is very much a ‘Smart’ stadium technologically speaking with:

  • More than 4000 solar panels on the roof
  • Smart sensors on and around the pitch to monitor the temperature
  • Its own windmill nearby that generates power for the stadium
  • Sustainable heating

Amsterdam Arena was the first stadium in Europe with a sliding roof, a design that quickly caught on and is now visible in many stadiums around the country.

You can read in more detail about the sustainability of the stadium here.

Pitch view inside the Johan Cruyff Stadium in Amsterdam
Pitch view inside the Johan Cruyff Stadium in Amsterdam

The Johan Cruyff Stadium is one of the smaller stadiums in Europe for Champions League teams and it has a capacity of just under 56,000.

What I really love about this stadium though, even more than the likes of the Nou Camp, Millenium Stadium, or Wembley Stadium, is that this stadium creates a sense of real unity and togetherness because of its compactness.

I have been in the stadium also for a match and the atmosphere can be electric with the noise so loud in the stadium!

This stadium in terms of atmosphere reminds me a lot of seeing RCD Espanyol play at home in Barcelona.

RCD Espanyol is a small club compared to FC Barcelona but I prefer the amazing atmosphere at the RCD at their Stage Front Stadium, an atmosphere that resembles that of Ajax.

Paul’s Thoughts on the Tour

I genuinely really enjoyed this tour and it is actually one of the best stadium tours I have been on, partly because I found the information about the technology and how they have developed the stadium, fascinating.

I wouldn’t travel to Amsterdam especially to see the stadium to be honest (like any stadium) but if you are going to be in Amsterdam anyway and are a sports fan, then 100% I would recommend it.

3. Booking a Tour of the Johan Cruyff Tour

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

There are so many accommodation options as a visitor to Amsterdam but I always use to find accommodation.

I have visited Amsterdam many times over the years and these are two hotels I have stayed in and enjoyed.

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Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

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FAQs on the Stadium Tour

When Can I Do the Tours?

The Johan Cruyff Arena offers tours on both matchdays and non-matchdays, each providing a unique perspective.

Matchday tours allow you to witness the stadium’s transformation as it comes alive with the energy of thousands of passionate fans.

On non-matchdays, you can explore the stadium in a more serene setting, appreciating its architectural brilliance and history.

To see the stadium itself I would actually recommend making sure you do it on a non-match day so that you can see areas such as the press room and changing rooms.

Getting to the Stadium

To get from the center of Amsterdam to the Johan Cruijff Arena (formerly known as Amsterdam Arena), you have several transportation options:

1. Metro

The most convenient way to reach the Johan Cruijff Arena is by taking the metro. Follow these steps:

Start at Amsterdam Central Station, which is the main train station in the center of Amsterdam.

Head to the metro station located directly under Amsterdam Central Station.

Take Metro Line 54 (Gein) or Line 50 (Isolatorweg) towards Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station.

The Johan Cruijff Arena is adjacent to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station.

You will see the stadium as you walk out of the station exit.

2. Train

If you prefer to take a train, you can take a sprinter train from Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station.

The journey is short, and the station is within walking distance of the Johan Cruijff Arena.

3. Tram

You can also take tram line 54 from Amsterdam Central Station to the Johan Cruijff Arena. It’s a slightly slower option compared to the metro but offers a scenic route.

4. Bicycle

Amsterdam is a bicycle-friendly city, and you can rent a bicycle to get to the Johan Cruijff Arena.

It’s a pleasant ride, and there are bike racks available near the stadium for parking.

5. Taxi or Ride-Sharing

The journey is relatively short so it will not be that expensive if you use Uber or a taxi.

6. Walking

If you enjoy walking, it is certainly possible to walk to the Johan Cruijff Arena from some parts of the city center.

However, it will take you approximately 45 minutes.

Location of the Johan Cruyff Stadium

Here’s a map for locating the stadium, which is located in Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam.

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