Last Updated on May 14, 2023

The art of dog sledding dates back thousands of years and has remained relatively unchanged. Evidence of ancient dog sledding can be found throughout Europe and North America and was a common way to journey through the harsh climate.

Where to try dog sledding

Now you can experience mushing in some of the most picturesque regions in Europe.

From Swedish Laplands to the Pyrenees, there is an abundance of epic adventures waiting to be had.

Do you prefer a trip under the stars or a multi-day expedition? Either way, we’ve got you covered with the best places to experience dog sledding in Europe.

1. Tromso, Norway

Within the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, Tromso is one of the best places to go dog sledding in Europe.

The stunning city is home to a variety of trips from short morning ventures to sledding under the stars and overnight epics.

Tromso offers it all to visitors. Go dog sledding while enjoying the magical Northern Lights.

Be guided through Norwegian tundra or try to master mushing and guide dogs of your own. You’ll even have a chance to sled to Finland or Sweden on a 6-day adventure!

2. Svalbard, Norway

Beyond Norway’s northern end is a stunning archipelago that is home to one of the top dog sledding destinations in Europe.

Svalbard is a winter wonderland, with sparkling snow and an array of colorful lights.

Roam through the unforgettable wilderness on a short day tour or experience a multi-day ride.

Svalbard is a wonderful place to sled through vast valleys flanked by soaring mountains. Later, kick back and watch the Northern Lights.

3. Rovaniemi, Finland

The renowned home of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi, offers dog sledding experiences in droves. Unleash your inner kid by exploring the magical Arctic city before venturing deep into the countryside.

Home to Finland’s iconic Lapland region, Rovaniemi is as picturesque as any winter paradise on earth.

Experience the region over a short few hours, or go beyond the boundaries with a week-long sledding journey. But it’s hard to top being in control of your own team of huskies.

This self-drive dog sledding adventure will put you in the driver’s seat and end with a traditional Finnish BBQ.

4. Oulu, Finland

Complete with otherworldly landscapes, Oulu offers tranquil dog sledding experiences through peaceful nature.

Journey from Oulu to Varjakka, in western Finland while learning about mushing and learning the craft yourself.

Many of the sledding experiences in Oalu operate year-round and often come with a range of local cultural experiences. After dog sledding, try local eats such as reindeer stew or spend the night in remote huts.

You can explore a range of sledding experiences in the Oalu region, here.

5. Kiruna, Sweden

Sweden’s northernmost town, Kiruna, is one of those magical places where wild moose outnumber humans.

Beyond spotting the beasts, lunge through the landscape, glide across frozen lakes and through gorgeous snow-filled forests.

It’s inevitable that you’ll discover frozen waterfalls on your journey. With the tumbling water stuck in time in front of colossal bluffs and rugged cliffs.

Kiruna is often lit up thanks to the Northern Lights, adding the cherry on top of an unforgettable day.

Kiruna Sleddog Tours is the best way to explore the surrounding regions and comes with the opportunity to stay in a remote yurt!

6. Abisko, Sweden

Near Kiruna, another great place to experience dog sledding in Europe is Abisko.

The Swedish Lapland is the perfect place to enjoy dog sledding thanks to the pristine snow and summer hiking trails creating clear paths.

The best way to explore Abisko is on the Husky Mountain Expedition.

The 8-day experience is on the more extreme side of things but promises to be an unforgettable journey.

You’ll learn how to mush while discovering the vast region.

Guide your huskies along the frozen Tornetrask river, and up to the highest peak in the country, Kebnekaise, as you follow the iconic King’s Trail.

Spend each evening in a cabin with wood-fired saunas.

7. Dolomites, Italy

Under the mighty peaks of the Italian Dolomites, there are few places to dog sled with greater scenery.

Northern Scandinavia may have a magical feel and the Northern Lights, but the epic mountain range will have you thinking twice about venturing to the Arctic Circle.

Begin your Dolomites sledding journey in Venice before learning how to dog sled in the backcountry of the Italian Alps. Across five days, guide your Siberian huskies through snow-packed forests with the soaring mountains on either side.

Spend your evenings in an Arctic tent or in remote refuges in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park.

8. Akureyri, Iceland

Across the northern Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is an amazing place to try your hand at dog sledding.

Akureyri, in the northeast of Iceland, is the ideal spot to take in the scenery and learn what it feels like to guide a team of dogs.

Just below the Arctic Circle, visitors will be able to soak in the Northern Lights in the evenings.

Begin the day with a warm hot chocolate before exploring the longest fjord in Iceland.

Take in the Icelandic countryside on a dog sled day trip.

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9. Port d’Envalira, Andorra

The small country of Andorra between Spain and France may not immediately come to mind when you think of dog sledding.

Nonetheless, the mountain pass of Port d’Envalira is the ride of a lifetime.

Treat yourself to a trip through the Pyrenees as you’re guided through epic forests and past the Grandvalira ski resort.

There are morning and night experiences, with the chance to see the forests in great detail or capture the starry sky.

Dog sledding with Mushing Pirineus lasts for around 30 minutes.

10. Briancon, France

Right by the Italian border in the Hautes-Alpes region of France, Briancon sees over 300 days of sunshine every year.

This, of course, complements the large snowfall to create an impeccable winter wonderland.

The soaring Ecrins mountain range is the perfect spot for dog sledding offering quality scenery and the chance to also try your hand at snowshoeing.

On this 5-day sledding adventure in Briancon, take in your surroundings while the dogs guide you.

Later, practice the ancient art of snowshoeing through the Valle de la Claree.

End it with a spa experience in the alps.

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