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Traditionally, deep-sea fishing occurs anywhere from 30km to 50km out to sea. With the USA enveloped by two giant oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, it’s home to some of the best deep-sea fishing on earth.

Deep Sea fishing in USA

Heading out to sea and landing a big catch isn’t a walk in the park, however.

Even seasoned anglers make use of fish locators to complement their years of experience.

But with the help of some great local fishing charters, you can land your next trophy catch.

If you’re thinking about your first, or next, fishing charter, here’s our guide to the 10 best places to go deep-sea fishing in the USA.

1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In a historic setting, Cape Cod offers some of the best deep-sea fishing in the United States.

The ease of the location and environment makes Cape Cod an excellent spot for beginner anglers along with seasoned experts.

As you venture east into the Atlantic, the calm waters will welcome you with the chance to also spot migrating whales and porpoises.

Reel in large bluefin tuna, while striped bass come to Cape Cod in the months of May and June.

On land, you’ll have historic lighthouses, pristine beaches, and a lively community making Cape Cod a great place to spend with friends and family.

Thinking about going deep sea fishing in Cape Cod? Check out Adventure with Magellan Deep Sea Fishing Charters.

2. Kona, Hawaii

From far-flung New England, we turn our eye to one of the best deep-sea fishing locations in the Pacific.

Besides great surf and beachside cocktails, Kona is a top spot to venture out and try to land a trophy catch.

The local geography helps to provide ideal conditions with the soaring winds blocked by towering mountains.

The same mountains help create a steep shoreline, bringing deeper waters much closer to shore.

With calm seas, great Hawaiian weather, and year-round fishing, it’s easy to see why Kona is a much-loved angling destination.

The popular catch here includes tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, and multiple types of sharks.

One of the best ways to experience deep-sea fishing in Kona is with the experts at Hawai’i Marlin Fishing.

3. The Florida Keys

With a string of coral-filled islands, the Florida Keys covers a stunning 200 km stretch.

Besides providing travelers with a once-in-a-lifetime road trip to Key West, the Florida Keys is a magnificent spot for deep-sea fishing.

Common departure points include the iconic Key West along with Key Largo, the first and longest key in the chain.

Casual and commercial trips exist in great numbers and fishing with crankbait rods is a year-round pastime.

The most sought-after fish in the Keys include permit, tarpon, snook, bonefish, and redfish.

The Florida Keys provides a perfect launch point for those with their own craft, but nothing beats heading further out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Here your potential catch grows to include white marlin, swordfish, and sailfish.

With Key Largo Fishing Adventures go further and enjoy discounted room rates on the Key.

4. Outer Banks, North Carolina

For those that love to pack up and go, Outer Banks is one of the most productive spots for deep-sea fishing in the USA.

Similar to Montauk (listed below) Outer Banks is a haven for saltwater anglers who can enjoy consistent fishing, especially in the summer and autumn months.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, fish swarm to the region on their way north along the Atlantic Coast.

Come to the Outer Banks in June for blue marlin or white marlin and sailfish in the later summer and early autumn. In the heart of autumn, tuna arrives in great numbers.

For those just starting out, the Outer Banks provides fishing lessons in a variety of outfits. This will give you a head start before your first big trip.

Great for new and seasoned, Rock Solid Fishing provides the epic charters in the Outer Banks.

5. Galveston, Texas

One of the best ways to fish way out in the Gulf of Mexico is to take a deep-sea fishing charter from Galveston, Texas.

The popular holiday town is just an hour away from Houston, providing fun nightlife, fishing piers, and sugar sand beaches to enjoy off the boat.

A 12-hour deep-sea fishing excursion from Galveston, Texas will bring you anywhere from 65km to 130km away from the coast for the chance to catch speckled trout, black drum, and flounder closer to the shore.

The further you head out, the better chance of landing sailfish, king mackerel, cobia, and red snapper.

To experience the best of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, sign up for a charter with Get Hooked Fishing, based in Galveston.

6. Montauk, New York

While Cape Cod takes much of the attention when it comes to deep-sea fishing on the northeast coast, Montauk remains one of the best offshore fishing spots in America.

The Gulf Stream consistently delivers a parade of opportunities for anglers, with massive schools of fish coming to town between late spring and early autumn.

Along with some great coastal fishing with sharks and cod on offer, there are several deep-sea options to choose from.

Thanks to the deep-sea canyons, enormous beasts are waiting to bite. Local species include giant bluefin tuna, often weighing up to 450kg. Other fish include porgies and blackfish.

Saltwater fishing on kayaks is another popular way to get out and fish around Montauk.

For short half-day trips to overnight adventures, check out your deep sea options at My Joyce Fishing Charters.

7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

From one of the best deep-sea fishing destinations on the east coast to arguably the most underrated.

Virginia Beach has a lot to offer anglers having several meeting points between salt and freshwater bodies. Find an impressive combination of freshwater and deep-sea fish.

For this reason, along with many others, Virginia Beach is home to several high-quality fishing tournaments, including the Striper Tournament held annually at the start of the year.

When going offshore and into the Atlantic, anglers can hope to catch big tuna and marlin with red drum, cobia, and flounder found closer to shore.

While fishing is the focus, deep-sea adventures can look forward to returning to an exciting coastal town.

End your day on the oceanfront with live music, entertainment, and plenty of bars to toast your epic day on the ocean.

With E-Fishinsea Fishing Charters you can experience deep-sea and nearshore trips.

8. Bristol Bay, Alaska

Many may know fishing in Alaska through a range of epic shows that venture way out into the Bering Sea.

But Bristol Bay, Alaska, also offers adventurers one of the most scenic deep-sea fishing experiences in the United States. Home to the largest salmon migration on earth, Bristol Bay is found within the shallowest part of the Bering Sea.

Surging rivers flow into the bay, which is filled with up to 29 types of trout and salmon. Including king, chum, pick, and Sockeye. Local rainbow trout are some of the biggest in the country.

Because of local restrictions and frequent sand bars, there are few, if any, large commercial craft in the region.

Not only does this mean more for you, but it keeps the scenery pure, adding an extra layer of remoteness to an already unreal world.

9. Seattle, Washington

Sticking to the western coast of the United States, there are many top deep-sea fishing locations around Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest brings jaw-dropping scenery which has helped to carve out several sounds.

None are more renowned than Puget Sound. Here anglers will find Chinook salmon in abundance and they bite all year long.

But the best time to fish for salmon at Puget Sound is in the heart of winter and early spring, with the snow-capped mountains creating an unforgettable backdrop for anglers.

Outside of the sounds, other top spots for fishing in Seattle include the Strait of Juan de Fuca and, naturally, the Pacific Ocean. Head far offshore to catch halibut, lingcod, flounder, and cabezon.

To see the best of Seattle fishing, including Puget Sound, join All Star Fishing for heated boats and epic catch.

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10. San Diego, California

Home to the longest concrete pier on the west coast, San Diego doesn’t just appease the local shore anglers.

The southern Californian city provides travelers with some of the best sport fishing in America.

Offshore fishing here is famously productive with the warm Pacific waters inviting countless species.

For those that travel offshore, you’ll have the chance to land bay bass, giant tuna, perch, leopard sharks, albacore, and mahi-mahi. But the fun doesn’t end there.

Several local charters provide the opportunity to venture down to the Coronado Islands in Mexico. Just be sure to bring your passport!

With San Diego Tuna Fishing, not only can you head out into the Pacific Ocean from town, but you’ll have the option of exploring the Coronado Islands.

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