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Over the last 10 years, Las Vegas has developed into one of the best locations worldwide, for world-class international boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Whether you plan to visit Las Vegas especially to see a specific boxing or MMA bout, or are in Vegas anyway (but want to see a world title fight), here’s a guide to where and how to watch boxing in Las Vegas.

Watching boxing in Las vegas

Best Arenas and Venues to Watch Boxing

1. The MGM Grand Garden Arena

The MGM Grand Garden Arena is a world-renowned boxing venue that has hosted numerous boxing events over the years.

With its large capacity that can accommodate over 16,500 spectators, this is one of my favorite venues in Vegas for watching boxing, as there tends to be an amazing atmosphere here.

The seats are also comfortable and, from most seats, there are great sightlines (meaning you have a good view of the ring).

This is undoubtedly one of the leading venues for major title fights in Vegas and it’s also home to the MGM Hotel (a great place to also stay if you can afford it).

The best way to get tickets for boxing and MMA at the MGM is directly through the MGM Box Office.

2. Mandalay Bay Events Center

Mandalay Bay Events Center holds several boxing events throughout the year, making it another one of the top boxing destinations in Las Vegas.

The arena is now named the Michelob Ultra Arena (although many people still refer to it by the name the Mandalay Bay Events Center).

This is an arena I have been in once and loved it. It features excellent seating and a great sound system, and, much like the MGM Arena, the venue is designed for a great atmosphere and acoustics.

You can find the Mandalay Bay box office here.

Paul outside Mandalay Bay
Here I am in Vegas outside the Mandalay Bay Arena

3. Caesars Palace Colosseum

With its grandiose stage and state-of-the-art lighting system, Caesars Palace Colosseum has become a popular boxing destination for boxing fans who want an even more engaging experience.

Every seat in this boxing venue offers excellent sightlines of the ring and action.

This though is a much smaller venue than MGM Grand Arena and Mandalay Bay, but from time to time they do have some international boxing events.

What I love about Caesars Palace is its history as one of the earliest major hotels on the main strip, and it was also one of the first I visited and stayed in.

Find Caesars Palace Events

4. T-Mobile Arena

For boxing, the T-Mobile Arena has a capacity of 18,000 seats and, in addition to international boxing fights, then also holds MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and professional wrestling events.

I have to admit that I have yet to see an event in the T-Mobile Arena but hope to on my next visit to Nevada, as I hear great things about it.

This arena is also home to the Vegas Golden Knights, the ice hockey team who plays in the Pacific Division

>> T-Mobile events and box office

5. Thomas & Mack Center

This is a fantastic arena that is located on the University of Nevada’s campus and it holds many key sporting events each year.

The majority of their sports events understandably are college events such as college football and baseball.

Major boxing fights have though also taken place in the Thomas & Mack Center and it is worth checking out their latest sporting calendar.


Before you think of booking your flight and packing your bags, the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that you have the event tickets.

Boxing and MMA events happen regularly throughout the year, but tickets do go fast as the tickets are often in high demand.

Tickets, especially for the decent to great seats, can also be somewhat pricey (this is Vegas after all).

Getting to Las Vegas

If you are flying domestically (traveling from elsewhere in the U.S.), arriving at Harry Reid International Airport is a simple process.

Vegas is a hub of direct flights that connect all around the country, with over 500 arrivals every day, at the airport.

If you’re coming from an international destination, you’ll likely have a layover on your journey. Major international airports near Las Vegas include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston.

Driving to the city is an exciting option for many. The city is a stunning 4 hour’s drive from Los Angeles and five from Phoenix.

Surrounded by a barren yet beautiful desert, the iconic Grand Canyon, and the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas is a popular waypoint for road trips.

Where to Stay

There’s never a shortage of anything in Las Vegas and this includes the options when it comes to accommodation.

The abundance of accommodations on offer can be overwhelming, but you’ll find a great range of rooms to suit all budgets.

The main Strip houses some of the best and most classy hotels but they tend to be affordable. This is also the area where most of the sights and attractions are located and within walking distance.

You’ll find great mid-range room rates at hotels like the Mirage and the Bellagio, on the strip within walking distance of all the best attractions.

You can though also find some great-priced accommodation in the downtown area.


What makes Las Vegas the greatest place on earth to watch boxing or MMA is that there’s so much more to the experience than just what goes on in the ring.

So, to prepare for the big fight, why not peel back the curtain for a behind-the-scenes experience on The Ultimate Las Vegas Fight Tour?

Over three hours, venture into the world of professional boxing and mixed martial arts by visiting four of the premier gyms in Las Vegas.

See how the best fighters in the world prep at such gyms as the Mayweather Boxing Club and Johnny Tocco’s, with expert commentary and insight from your guide.

You might also want to do tours of:

  • Hoover Dam
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Death Valley

There are numerous trips you can do from Vegas.

Best Bars

If you’re not able to make it to the live event, you can still join the crowds at the many sports bars around Las Vegas, before enjoying everything else the city has to offer.

When walking around Vegas it won’t be hard to know when a fight is on. Almost every screen in town will show it. But there are some places that just do it better than others.

One of the best sports bars in Las Vegas for boxing and MMA is the Nine Fine Irishmen Bar.

Sit, relax, and enjoy being in one of the trendiest bars in town, with large screens covering all the action.

After the Fight

As you’ll probably appreciate by now, the fun doesn’t end once the final bell has rung.

Vegas is a 24-hour city with adventures to be had around every corner.

Beyond playing slots and enjoying the free drinks, or trying your luck on the roulette table, you’ll find an abundance of after-parties to attend.

If the fight was at the MGM Grand, then make your way to the three-story dance club, Hakkasan, or the JEWEL Nightclub inside the Aria.

To really splash out on a true Vegas experience, then head to the rooftop at Mandalay Bay. Kick back in your booth at the Foundation Room with live music and handcrafted cocktails.

Sports Travel Booking Resources

Traveling around the world to watch & experience sports, I tend to always use the same resources for booking trips. These are the ones I use most frequently and that I find to have great customer support and competitive prices.

  • Sports Event Tickets – Tickets for all sporting events
  • Get Your Guide – is an excellent site as a one-stop shop for booking attractions, local tours, activities, and excursions. Great customer service and an easy-to-use site.
  • – The best site I have found for hotel and accommodation bookings.
  • Flights – are also now offered by and as I love the brand this is my first port of call now for flights.
  • Safety Wing Travel Insurance – I love Saftey Wing as they cover everything I need to be covered and they have a simple-to-use site, and again, I have found their customer service very good, when I needed to ask questions.
  • Hostelworld – Book backpacker hostel rooms around the world with Hostel World.