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Named the ‘Estádio da Luz’, it is also officially known as the ‘Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica’ and it is home to the world-famous Benfica Football Club.

Last month I had the pleasure to finally tick this stadium tour off of my bucket list, whilst in Lisbon, and here’s some information on what to expect from the tour, how to get to the stadium, and how to get tickets.

Benfica football club changing rooms

History of Benfica Football Club

Foundation and Success

Founded in 1904, Benfica Football Club is one of the most famous clubs in the world and is one of the leading clubs in the Portuguese league.

Since its formation, the club has won over 80 major trophies including more than 35 Primeira Liga titles, more than 25 Taça de Portugal Cups, four European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles, and one Intercontinental Cup.

Benfica’s early successes were due to the talented players recruited by the club’s early scouts, such as Germano de Sousa and Fernando Peyroteo.


Under their direction, Benfica won their first Primeira Liga title in 1935–36 and went on to become one of Portugal’s most successful clubs.

In addition to its on-field success, Benfica has been a leader in community outreach and social projects.

The club’s charitable arm, Fundação Benfica, was established in 1946 to support various causes such as education and health initiatives.

More recently, the club has been involved in the construction of an academy for promising young footballers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Fans

The club is also famous for its passionate fans, who have been dubbed “the Terror of Seixal” due to their intimidating atmosphere at home games.

This fanbase has played an important role in Benfica’s success over the years and continues to be a powerful driving force behind the team.

‘E pluribus unum’ – from many, one. This is the motto of Benfica Football Club, a fitting slogan for a team that has become a symbol of strength and unity in Portugal.

Photos from Our Tour

The tour starts inside the main entrance and you get shown the models of the building of the existing stadium.

Inside the Benfica stadium
Here I am (Paul) inside the stadium looking at the pitch

You then walk through to the seated area of the stadium where spectators sit to look out onto the pitch and watch games.

You then get the chance to walk pitchside and get a feel for what it would be like for the players as they stand on the turf ready for a match.

Close-up of the players benches
Pitchside next to the players’ benches

After experiencing things pitchside, you then head inside again and this time to see the players’ changing rooms.

Valeria in the press room
Valeria (wife) sat at the press table where post-match interviews take place

This is followed by the chance to see the room where the press conferences take place.

This is a great photo opportunity, as you can see with the photo of my wife Valeria, sitting at the table where the players would be sat as they are interviewed about the match.

View of the main grandstand at the Estádio da Luz
View of the main grandstand at the Estádio da Luz

Booking the Tour

FAQs on the Stadium Tour

1. How long does the tour take?

The normal tours are one hour long.

2. What does the tour include?

The tour starts just inside the stadium and you then get to walk into the area where fans sit, alongside a section of the pitch (but not onto the pitch), into the players changing rooms, and into the press area where the post-match interviews take place.

3. Do I need to buy tickets beforehand for the tour

You can either book tickets online first or you can buy them on the day from the Benefica souvenir shop.

4. What language is the guided tour in?

They offer tours in five different languages so you can choose to have the tour done in Portuguese, English, Italian, French or Spanish.

5. Is it worth doing the tour?

I would not travel to Lisbon especially for the tour but, if you are traveling to Lisbon anyway and have a spare morning or afternoon, then yes, it’s worthwhile if you are a football or sports fanatic.

6. What if I want to see the museum too?

You can choose to do the i) stadium tour only or ii) the stadium tour and the museum as a joint ticket. The choice is yours.

We chose not to do the museum tour and just did the stadium tour.

7. Is it easy to get to the stadium?

Yes, just jump on the metro in Lisbon and there is a stop within 5 minute’s walk of the stadium. Further explanations of how to get to the stadium though are directly below.

Getting to the Stadium

Valeria taking photos pitchside

Located on the outskirts of Lisbon, it’s a great destination if you are a football fan as the stadium is easy to reach.

Public Transport: Lisbon has a good public transport network, and the easiest way to get to Benfica Football Stadium is by bus or train.

Most buses heading into the city will take you close to the stadium, with a short walk from there.

You can also catch the Metro in Lisbon, which will take you within a 5-minute walk to the stadium. I recommend getting off at the Colégio Militar/Luz metro stop.

Uber, Bolt, and Local Taxis: Uber and Bolt are both usable in Lisbon for getting around.

Bolt in fact is cheaper and very popular in Lisbon and from my time in Lisbon, is the best option.

You can also though use Uber or hail down a local taxi if you see one.

If using one of these services, however, try and avoid rush-hour when traffic can get gridlocked.

Driving: If you’re driving to the stadium, there’s a large visitors car park available so if visiting on a non-match day, you will easily find a space.

Location of the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Here’s a map from Google to show you where the stadium is located:

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